‘Yellowstone’ brings Dua Lipa Western style to the big city

'Yellowstone' brings Dua Lipa Western style to the big city

These boots are made to gawk at.

The 25-year-old Hunter Shires didn’t care a bit when he heard the cowboy’s voice. clicking boots On the Midtown sidewalk on her commute to work one morning recently, she raised more than a few eyebrows.

Making a statement with a pair of black leather beauties smuggled out of a Park Slope vintage store for $150 said that was the whole point.

“Cowboy boots in New York City make zero
It makes a lot of sense, but I think that’s why they work,” The Brooklyn-based Shires works in the marketing division for HBO Max and manages the fashion blog High End Homo told The Post. “It’s hot to get off the grid, post-pandemic – that’s how people dress.”

To complete the unexpected look, she showed up at her office in a rodeo-ready makeover, including a pair of wide-leg Wrangler jeans—ready to lasso her laptop and sell ads.

Hunter Shires, 25, in black leather cowboy boots for $150 he found at a vintage store in Park Slope. She says she wears them to work, with corporate office wardrobes that feel like the Wild West in the post-pandemic era, to bring comfort to urban cowboy style.
Hunter Shires

The West is winning the wardrobes of trendy New Yorkers. Think boots and jeans on the subway and Beth Dutton-inspired country dresses at the office; Kevin Costner’s popular Paramount series “Yellowstone.”

show, which farmer follows a family Fighting to protect their land has sparked a fashion movement, with brands like Seattle-based Filson selling a Yellowstone collection. $995 women’s wool trapper jacket.

John Dutton, Kevin Costner's rough and tough cowboy patriarch character in the Paramount saga
John Dutton, the rough and tough cowboy patriarch of Kevin Costner in the Paramount epic “Yellowstone,” set a modern style standard for urban snobs who embrace the urban cowboy aesthetic.

The look known as Westerncore is now seriously over the top. MiuMiu Sells $1,850 silver toe black leather cowboy bootsduration Ganni hawks, $725, knee-length embroidered numbers. Is there a $700 calfskin pair from Anine Bing and $1,100 mirror metallic ankle Boots from Celine. Boots are very important — #cowboyboots hashtag on TikTok has been viewed 566.8 million times and some users have been detected sporty metallic silver, pink and lime green boots on the city sidewalk.

Lauren Gentry, 26, who works in the fashion industry and lives in the East Village, stepped on an R train to her Midtown office earlier this month. knee high black Vagabond cowboy boots and an oversized Lioness fur coat directing the stubborn “Yellowstone” character Beth Dutton, which Gentry says reminds her of her grandmother – resolute yet feminine.

Dressing like the Great American West, “Westerncore” is having a moment, as city dwellers don cowboy boots and wide-leg jeans, as seen in the Paramount drama series “Yellowstone.” Gentry was instantly influenced by Kelly Reilly’s character Beth Dutton (far left) for her strong-willed character and feminine curvy look.
most important
Lauren Gentry, 26, wears a pair of Lucchese cowboy boots her grandmother bought her.
Lauren Gentry, 26, wears a pair of Lucchese cowboy boots, a gift from her grandmother. “I’ve always been more interested in the look and feel of the boots, rather than their original purpose,” said Gentry, who works in fashion.
Courtesy of Gentry

“She was a cowgirl and had horses and eventually taught me how to ride. He gifted me a pair of beautiful authentic Lucchese boots,” Gentry told The Post. Gentry designed gorgeous hands-on styles in a sky blue, long-sleeved, low-cut maxi dress for a birthday dinner on a Manhattan rooftop recently.

While Gentry has some experience with farm life, he visited his grandmother in Colorado during the summer when she was a little girl and riding horsesshe said she subscribes to a more urban cowgirl aesthetic these days.

“I’ve always been more concerned with the way they look and feel than with the actual purpose of the boots,” he said. When he started watching “Yellowstone” a few years ago, he “immediately fell in love” and wanted to adapt his country aesthetic to the concrete jungle.

“Whenever I wear my boots, I literally feel the powerful power of women like Beth Dutton and my grandma – my source of strength and style,” Gentry said.

Lex Kelly, 26, of Park Slope, never thought he’d be caught dead in a pair of cowboy boots. Now she’s strutting around her office and wearing them at Manhattan dive bars after seeing other city dwellers playing sports on social media. Kelly’s favorite way to combine white and tan embroidered Steve Madden boots with a mini dress or a blazer and jeans for a day at the office.

Lex Kelly, 26, of Park Slope, sports white and tan embroidered Steve Madden cowboy boots on subway stairs and around Manhattan dive bars.  He leaned on the train after seeing the urban cowboy trend pouring into his social media stream.
Lex Kelly, 26, of Park Slope, sports white and tan embroidered Steve Madden cowboy boots on subway stairs and around Manhattan dive bars. She leaned on this train after seeing city dwellers in cowboy boots fill her social media feed.
Courtesy of Lex Kelly

“I used to associate cowboy boots with horseback riding on a farm somewhere, but when I saw one wearing it as a street style, I was totally blown away,” Kelly told The Post.

Fashionistas galloped towards the train. resale marketplaces like Poshmark, Western style boot wave 25% year over year in 2022 and up to 338% in the last five years; While sales of cowboy hats are up 37% in 2022 and 395% in the last five years, location is no longer a factor when it comes to dressing like the Wild West, Chloe Baffert, Poshmark’s sales manager, told The Post.

“Westerncore has been on the rise and has been cited by New Yorkers by taking the essentials of the trend and pairing them with wardrobe essentials to avoid looking like you’re wearing a costume,” Baffert said. For example, pairing low-rise jeans with a vintage conco belt and oversized sweater is the perfect example of the urban cowboy look, she said.

Hunter Shires designed their black leather cowboy boots with a wide-leg Wrangler jeans.  This
Shires designed the black leather cowboy boots with a wide-legged Wrangler jeans. He says the “Westerncore” trend is a form of “getaway wear” that reflects a dream location, like being in Wyoming or Montana.
Courtesy of Shires

“In addition to the classic colors and fabrics, we’ve seen the cowboy boot take a new iteration with fashion rather than function with bright metallic colors over the past few years,” Baffert said.

Shires calls Westerncore a kind of “escape suit” – fashioning itself with punches that reflect something. longing to be in the mountainous states It’s not a fluorescent-lit office space just off Times Square, like Montana or Wyoming.

As Shires points out: “Everyone says, ‘I live in New York, but mentally I want to be on a farm in Wyoming.’ ”

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