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As many complicated brother and sister relationships go on dragon housea great time to remember one of the few game of Thrones Although they haven’t spent much screen time together, their brother and sister friendships are sweet and serious from start to finish: Jon and Arya.

Their reunion was one of the most anticipated moments of recent seasons, and it bore fruit beautifully and did justice to the lovely brother and sister chemistry that remained after all these years. Twitter users have not forgotten these two and are sharing great insights.


9/9 Jon Calls the Best of Arya

Arya ended the broadcast. game of Thrones as a skilled assassin and a caring sister, but for most of the show, the sensitive side of her personality is nowhere to be found, and no one can judge her: she witnessed the deaths of many family members, the abuse and murder of her friends, and she was coerced. Join a violent reality to survive.

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But Season 8 brought back a side of Arya that had been hidden since Season 1, especially because of Jon: After all this time, it was the only brother-sister relationship that didn’t change when Robb and Rickon died, and Bran transcended it as the New Three-Eyed Raven.

8/9 Jon as Supporting Brother

The scene where Jon presents Arya with the “Needle” is probably healthiest moments of the show. The fact that this is the first interaction between the two characters demonstrates the level of script quality and the actor chemistry that their moving relationship is summed up in just a few minutes, making fans look forward to their reunion whenever they’re seen apart. . The long, long wait is over.

In this scene, Jon proves to be Arya’s most supportive brother she can always count on. While everyone in his family was forcing him to act like a lady, Jon gave him a sword and tricked him into using it.

7/9 Arya Follows Jon’s Footsteps

Arya is a kind of black sheep of the Stark family; Hard to tame, unwavering and likes to take risks. Part of this behavior can be explained by his close relationship with Jon and indirectly following in his footsteps and being just as skilled a warrior as he is when they are reunited as a result.

Following two similar paths, Arya inherited some of Jon’s goals. Fans argue the show may have gone too far By letting Arya kill The Night King, as many people believe it must be Jon.

6/9 They Protect Each Other

One thing that’s really special about Jon and Arya’s reunion is that the papers are reversed in a certain way. Jon became the risk taker, aiming for the seemingly impossible mission to unite Westeros against a common threat. Arya, on the other hand, stood by her side as a protective figure, ready to fight anyone who threatened her.

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The fact is that their relationship has turned into a chain of mutual protection and trust. In the past, it was only Arya who needed Jon’s support until she needed him as a loyal counselor. Too bad he didn’t take Jon’s advice when he joined Sansa to warn Jon about Daenerys.

5/9 Arya’s True Brother

While the other Starks saw Jon as a bastard, whether they were nice or not, Arya was the only one who saw him as a true brother, a Stark, just like himself.

The distinction was meaningless to her, and Arya saw in Jon a part of the person she wanted to be in the future. To her, the precious bond the two shared was more important than blood ties, while Jon was truly honored to be seen as a true part of the family, even if only from his younger sister’s perspective.

4/9 Their Survival is a Miracle

For eight seasons, both Jon and Arya have been caught between life and death in successive fatal situations. Jon was wounded several times, facing literally an entire army of undead, and even after being resurrected, he nearly died in battle. As for Arya, she was stabbed multiple times in the stomach by the Waif and still managed to escape alive.

Fan shares his disappointment that the two Starks have gone through all this while Daenerys dies forever in her first successful attempt at life. Perhaps one of the main reasons Arya and Jon haven’t been killed before is because the show is incomplete without their long-awaited reunion.

3/9 Always Listen to Arya

Underestimating Arya’s fighting skills can be a fatal misstep, but undermining her intelligence can be just as dangerous. Her sharp wit is one of her most distinguishing traits, and although she didn’t quite agree with Sansa, she took her sister’s side by warning Jon about Daenerys.

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Unfortunately, Jon stubbornly ignored them and got more than he expected when Dany lost her mind and witnessed the deaths of hundreds of innocent civilians and ultimately had to betray her own values ​​to stop him.

2/9 Bring Back Arya

Many fans complained about Jon’s spin-off, mainly because they thought it was. Arya is a much better characterand while his brother is in exile to the far north where there’s supposedly not much to do, he still has a lot to offer.

to each game of Thrones A more interesting way to look forward to the spin-off, including the big part that the fan doesn’t like Jon Snow, really is to think about how the series could bring back many of their favorite characters and see Jon reunite with Arya once again. it would be fun. .

1/9 to give justice to the gift

As he handed Needle to Arya, Jon’s advice was simple: “Stick their spikes.” The seemingly innocent Season 1 quote has become the signature description of the talented assassin that Arya will eventually become.

The moment Jon asks her if she’s ever used it is pretty hilarious, especially because of Arya’s expression, as if a sweeping memory of all the people she’s killed with it flashes in her mind for a moment.

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